Here’s a Little About Us

Hi, we are Jenny and Todd. Both of us grew up in busy southern California in the 60’s. We were born exactly one month apart in the same year just one city away from each other. I didn’t know him at the time but Todd would sometimes accompany his Grandfather on a gardening job that he had on my street when he was a young boy. What a coincidence that we would end up getting married several years later.

We married young and fortunately are still together. I have always worked for various companies mostly so I could have the security of a good health insurance plan although I come from a family of business owners. Shortly after we got married Todd started his own gardening and landscaping business and has continued his entrepreneurial pursuits over the years with different types of businesses mostly having to do with renting or leasing various types of property.

We had a daughter and continued living in California until she was just about to enter High School. We decided to move to an area that offered similar advantages of California but with a nicer environment to finish raising her. So, we moved to an urban area of beautiful Tennessee until she finished High School. When she left home for college, Todd and I moved to a peaceful, rural area of Tennessee where we plan on living out the rest of our days.

Early on in Todd’s gardening days he at times experienced problems with his ears. He had them cleaned periodically to clear dirt and debris caused by using a blower on his jobs. As time went on and he continued to experience pain in his ears, he went to a well known ear institute in southern California where they tested his hearing and said it was fine. At that time we didn’t pursue further treatment trusting that those doctors would have found a problem if he had one. That was a mistake, and I would encourage anyone who has had a similar experience not to just trust in the professionals opinion but to trust in yourself and how you feel and continue to pursue diagnosis and treatment until you have received some answers, help and relief. As with most things, letting this problem go led to worse complications.

Fast forward a little over 20 years later in Tennessee, Todd was going up the stairs to our daughter’s bedroom and “pop” , he could hear sounds so distinctly that it scared him. It was the first time in his life that he remembers he could hear so clearly. It only lasted for a brief moment, however it is what spurred him on to go back to doctors to see how he could get that clear hearing back for good. The first E.N.T. (Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor) that he went to this time around basically “roto rooted” out his sinus passageways hoping that this would solve the problem. It felt great for a week or two but then he was back to feeling the same.

He took a break from doctors for a while and then he decided to try again because he had so much pressure, pain and pounding in his head it was unbearable. This doctor put an incision in his eardrum which released the pressure immediately. He then vacuumed all the thick fluid out of Todd’s ears that he could. He said it was the most gunk that he had ever gotten out of a persons ears in one appointment. Then he put tubes in his ears to keep the pressure even and drain the fluid out. Todd also had allergy testing done at this time to see if they could figure out what was causing the buildup. He found that he has allergies to pollen, mold, and gluten. So, Todd changed his diet to cut out gluten, and processed foods. He also started getting allergy shots.

Todd found out that his allergy shots contained gluten to help his body become desensitized to it. He decided he’d rather not have it in his body at all. He and the Allergist disagreed on this point and so we found another Allergist and E.N.T. that agreed with us. When looking over Todd’s allergy records the new doctor asked “What are you doing about the Candida?” The previous Allergist hadn’t told him about that finding, because like many other doctors in western medicine today they don’t really acknowledge it. We all have yeast in our gut, but Candida is an overgrowth, which can lead to a variety of health problems, autoimmune diseases, and even cancer. For Todd, the ears and sinuses were effected most – the symptoms can be different for each person. So, yeast was added to his list of dietary no-no’s, along with any refined sugars, which promote the growth of yeast.

Along with the dietary changes, Todd exercises regularly, stretches at night and does relaxation techniques to keep his soul calm. Within three years he has lost 120 pounds and continues to keep it off.

The different health problems that Todd has along with the yeast overgrowth are, Tinnitus, Otitis Media with Effusion, Mastoiditis and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). I will be discussing all of these in this blog along with other things that may be related and has to deal with these conditions.

Todd’s ear problems will probably never fully go away but he is in “maintenance mode”, as we call it. He does his best on a day to day basis to keep his ear problems manageable and is grateful that he is living in beautiful, peaceful surroundings to keep his life as calm as possible.

Anything we have to offer that can help or encourage others with similar problem, is what we are here to accomplish with this blog.